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Apr 27, 2011


Welcome the new club in town, THE IESE Swim Bike Run "SBR" Triathlon club.

"Triathlon’s roots can be traced back to 1974, Mission Bay, Southern California where a group of friends began training together. Amongst them were runners, swimmers and cyclists and before long training sessions turned into informal races."

Be a part of history and join SBR... do more than just drink your face off every weekend.  Train with us and motivate to do it all, from local foot-races to multi-sport, multi-day team events in exotic destinations.  Bond with your classmates through pushing your limits... outside of the library. If your dream is to have everything needed in your moto to be Swimming, Biking or Running with 5 minutes notice - now is your chance.

Swim, Bike, Run with active amigos and amigas - though don't expect a better ratio - who aspire to do a local race once in a while, or tackle all three in an Ironman - all is possible in the IESE SBR CLUB.

We will provide members with race calendars, training sessions, gear, events and the invitation to form part of the FIRST IESE RACE!!!

- Swim. Bike. Run....  Repeat as necessary -

If you are interested in joining the mailing list please email to: sbr@iese.net for more info

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