Welcome Partners!

Welcome Partners! This is the official IESE Couples and Family Club site. In this blog you will find all the information you need to make the IESE Partner experience the best! We are waiting for your questions and comments!

Sep 30, 2011

DGDW 2012!!!!

Dear Partners:

As most of you already know, IESE hosts Europe's largest student-run Annual
Conference on Responsible Business - Doing Good and Doing Well. The 9th
Annual Conference is scheduled for February 24 - 25, 2012, and now is your
chance to get involved!

What is DGDW?

We see the conference as a platform for Sharing the most innovative and
relevant ideas on Responsible Business from Corporations, Academia and
Non-Profit Institutions. An opportunity to:

.         learn from and interact with key industry leaders and thinkers

.         network and explore real-world career opportunities

.         participate in thought-provoking debate

.         be part of one of IESE's BIGGEST events!

What can you expect?

The 8th Annual Doing Good and Doing Well Conference, that hosted an
impressive 779 attendees, was a great success! With over 150 panel speakers
bringing diverse experience from both for-profit and non-profit
perspectives, professionals and students alike were challenged to re-think
how to lead business beyond models that only focus on financial returns.

The aim this year is to reach a larger audience, make the conference more
interactive, and introduce new elements such as the Social Venture Capital
Investment Competition and the Sustainability fair.

What's in store for this year?

With the main theme of Achieving Sustainability in Business and Society, the
2012 conference will include:

. Keynote speakers from Academia, Corporations, Civil Society &

.  20 panel discussions under four key pillars of Sustainability -
Innovation, Growth, Collaboration & Impact

.  Parallel exciting events including the Cleantech Venture Seminar,
Social Venture Capital Investment Competition, Career Fair and
Sustainability Fair

. All this and more over 2 exciting, engaging and fun-packed days!

How can you be involved?

1)      Content and Speaker Team - as Panel Leaders and Content Builders

2)      Sponsorship Team

3)      Logistics Team

4)      Conference Volunteer

5)      Marketing & Media

6)      Web & IT

In case you missed the sign-up this evening at North Campus, SIGN UP in this
Google doc:

1CRUQyRFNYdVE&hl=en_US> &hl=en_US

Want to know more?

Come join us at the Info Session!

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Room: G 301

Time: 13 00h - 13 45h (However, we will be available for questions /
enquiries throughout between 12 30h - 14 15h)

We look forward to seeing you there! Feel free to write to us at
dgdw@iese.net with questions / comments / suggestions or anything else!

Sep 27, 2011

German Classes are starting!!!

Dear Partners,

As announced before the summer, the German Business Club would like to offer German language classes at school. We are therefore holding an information session on

Tuesday, 4th of October
12.45 - 13.30 o'clock
Room G-101

The session will be held by the Goethe Institute, Germany's cultural institution and language school abroad (similar to Instituto Cervantes or the British Council).   

The focus will be on beginner classes, as those have attracted the most attention in our survey last year. We will provide information on fees, # of lessons and content of a course to achieve A1 language proficiency - the first official degree within the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEF).

Please find more info on: http://www.goethe.de/lrn/duw/auf/sta/en33664.htm#A1

If you are interested in advanced classes, please do not hesitate to drop by and talk to us or the teacher personally.

Also, please shortly fill in the following survey to confirm attendance:

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7J9Y9RY <http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7J9Y9RY>

Any questions? Just drop us an email GBC@IESE.NET

Hope to see you there!

Your German Business Club

Sep 21, 2011

IESE Women Football Club


The Women Football Club is proud to announce that football practices are back!! Practices are open to all girls ( does not matter if you are or not going to Madrid's tournament, or if you know or do not have any idea of how to play football). All you need is to be willing to enjoy a funny evening every week with IESE friends and other partners. It is a very good opportunity to get to know the IESE community, and to lose some kilos!!!

If you are interested, please email the IESE WFC for more details!

See you there!

IESE Women Futbol Club
IESE Business School
WFC@iese.net <mailto:WFC@iese.net

Day of the week: Wednesdays
Time: 18.00 h
Location Universitat de Barcelona
Address: Av.Diagonal 695-701
Find the link of the place at:

IESE Mirabe Cocktail Night

Partners the day has come!!!

The last event of Welcome Week is TODAY

This Wednesday Sept 21 join us at 10 pm at Mirabe for cocktails and an evening of fun getting to know the Partners and their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. The theme is black and white (so wear an outfit in these colors). 

All Partners and their IESE better half (husband/wife/partner) are invited (as well as any friends)! First and second years! Discounted cocktails with IESE ID. Everyone welcome!

Mirabe: http://www.mirabe.com/es/index.php

Manuel Arnús 2 (final de la Avda. Tibidabo)
08035 Barcelona

Tel. 934 340 035

See you all there!

Aug 8, 2011

Are you ready!?? IESE Welcome Week

Well, well , well partners! Is that time of the year again...
Although is summer, in the beautiful Barcelona, we are getting ready for Welcome Week for the 1st years, and also to welcome some old friends next september...

We are finishing some details so stayed tunned to the blog and FB page for the final information.

Save the date ( or save the week) starting september 12th.

By the way has anyone arrived already?
 If you need help or you need a buddy let us know.
Please, try to get all the info from your buddy, and let us know if she /he is helping, as we will be giving The Buddy of the Year Award!

Jun 8, 2011

Old Clothes - New Life!!!

Moving and need to downsize?  Cleaning out your closet?

GIVE YOUR OLD CLOTHES A NEW LIFE: In support of Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc we are collecting USEABLE, CLEAN used clothing and toiletries.

WHEN: June 8 -15
WHERE: Drop off your donations in F-417 before Wednesday, June 15 at 17:00.
WHY: Because Fundació Ateneu Sant Roc needs the clothes you don't wear more than you do.
WHAT: Toiletries and all clean and useable clothes are welcome!

Thank you for your generous donations and have a great summer!!!

Your Responsible Business Club and Social Action Club

Jun 7, 2011

Go IESE - October 16th: Garmin Barcelona Triathlon!!

Hi sports enthusiasts!

We leave you the invitation of the SBR Club for the Barcelona triathlon!! - Some partners have already signed up! Please let us know who would be interested so we can do some training together!

Check out our facebook page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/IESE-SwimBikeRun-Club/152328738167581

The most relevant one is the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon in October 16th. Some of us have already signed up and are looking forward to it. Since it is quite popular both among the Barcelona community and the international triathlon lovers (sun&beach&nice city), spaces for the event fill up quite fast; last year it was already full in July! It is a very nice event because many of the 5.000 participants are absolut beginners in the triathlon world, so it is quite a friendly environment.

This is the website for more info and for signing up: www.garminbarcelonatriathlon.com

There are many categories you can sign up for, so there is no excuse not to go!
- Olympic: SWIM: 1.500m, BIKE: 40km, RUN: 10km
- Sprint: SWIM: 750m, BIKE: 20km, RUN: 5km
- Super-Sprint: SWIM: 400m, BIKE: 10km, RUN: 2,5km

If you are interested in participating we can help you register and give you some tips on how to prepare or what gear you need. We will be available this WEDNESDAY JUNE 8TH FROM 12:30 TO 13:30 IN F-102 (Section B class). We will also arrange for the bike and wetsuit rental.

There is also the possibility to participate as a relay race IN TEAMS! It would be teams of 3 people and each one would do one of the 3 parts (swim, bike or run). This is for the Olympic and the Sprint distances. Some of you approached us saying that you would be willing to sign up by teams, so let us know which sport you would like and we will put you in touch.

This last weekend we participated in the 10k Sant Cugat race. It was a very enjoyable race, with quite a flat profile that allowed for a good time!

Other events worth highlighting are:
- 20k run BEHOBIA - SAN SEBASTIÁN: www.behobia-sansebastian.com 13 NOV 2011. One of the most famous races in Spain. Registration period opens tomorrow, June 7th, and it typically fills up within few hours! Be fast if yous want to participate.
- 6500m swim MARATÓN: www.marnaton.com 3 SEP 2011. It's the 4th edition of a very popular swimming challenge in Cadaqués. Very nice event for swimming lovers!

See you on wednesday!
Your SBR Club

May 30, 2011

German Classes

Hi all,

The German Business Club and the Goethe Institute of Barcelona are in the process of organizing two different German language courses starting at the beginning of the 2nd year.

Dependent on demand the following two courses would be offered at the IESE campus:

1) A beginner course which will be completed by passing the A1 certificate

2) An advanced conversation course

If you are interested in one of the course we would like to ask you to fill out the following survey by the 31st of May.

Thank you.


The Ultimate SURVIVAL GUIDE for IESE Partners

Are you an incoming partner? Do you need where to live? Have you asked yourself which supermarket has the best prices?  Do you need an spanish course? Where to take your child to play? Info onwhere to get a job???

We have the answers for you! With real former - partners input--- After years of research, we have come up with the ultimate guide for the IESE PARTNER!

Be the first partner to get the official SURVIVAL GUIDE for IESE Partners!!!

So, if you are interested in getting the guide please write: iesepartners@iese.net  and ask for a copy
We have english and spanish version...

*for those who came to admit weekend you don´t need to email us. We will be sending it soon

Eres nuev@ partner? Necesitas tips para saber donde vivir? Te has preguntado cuales son los supermercados con mejores precios? Necesitas cursos o información sobre escuelas? Dónde llevar a tu hijo a jugar?  Trabajo?

Tenemos las respuestas! Información real de verdaderas partners supervivientes - después de años de investigación tenemos para ustedes la GUIA DE SUPERVIVENCIA para partners.

Sé el/ la primer@ en tenerlo en tus manos.
Si estás interesado, escribenos iesepartners@iese.net y pide tu copia en español o inglés

May 24, 2011

Books for Children - IESE Social Action Club

The Social Action Club, together with Fundación Soñar Despierto, is collecting books and donations for kids.

How you can help:
1. By donating your spare change or any amount
2. By donating used books for kids from 2-18 preferably in Spanish, Catalan or English
3. By purchasing books to donate, at any location such as:

There will be jars at the cafeteria counters for monetary donations
There will be boxes in the lounge for book donations

To decrease the school drop-out rate; to promote learning; and to share the love of readin

Gracias por sumarte!

May 22, 2011

IESE Partners - Es solo un hasta pronto - Goodbye gathering for partners 2012

Hello Partners,

As everyone knows, some students will be leaving next term for an exchange program! Therefore, some of our IESE families are also leaving!! The IESE Moms are gathering next Friday 27th to say farewell to those families who will be leaving.

However, we want to extend the invitation to ALL PARTNERS. So, everyone please join us in a temporary farewell to those who will be leaving us next term for a new adventure!

Where: Jardins de la Vil-la Cecília, 08034 Barcelona ( the playground at the end of the park)
When: Friday May 27th, 1 p.m.

Feel free to bring whatever you want to share!!!

May 19, 2011

IESE Class 2013 - Admit Weekend!!!

Are you ready for admit weekend?

A schedule has been sent to students. Please look at the agenda with them. Partners are invited to all events!!
Current Partners will be welcoming you and answering questions during the Cocktail and Dinner event on Friday May 27th at 730 pm.

In addition, a presentation will be given for Partners to attend on Saturday May 28th at 11 am in Room G310 of the IESE campus.

Events will be taking place throughout the weekend including drinks with students after the dinner on Friday night and drinks again on Saturday night. Locations are still to be determined. 

Please know that all Partners are welcome. We look forward to meeting you al!!!

May 3, 2011

Discount Pages in Barcelona

Hey partners we wanted to share with you some pages that will provide you coupons and  good discounts in lots of things (restaurants, entertainment, health services, shopping etc...)

If you subscribe you`ll get daily emails with some of the offers. They are actually pretty good deals and it is safe an easy to use.




Apr 27, 2011


Welcome the new club in town, THE IESE Swim Bike Run "SBR" Triathlon club.

"Triathlon’s roots can be traced back to 1974, Mission Bay, Southern California where a group of friends began training together. Amongst them were runners, swimmers and cyclists and before long training sessions turned into informal races."

Be a part of history and join SBR... do more than just drink your face off every weekend.  Train with us and motivate to do it all, from local foot-races to multi-sport, multi-day team events in exotic destinations.  Bond with your classmates through pushing your limits... outside of the library. If your dream is to have everything needed in your moto to be Swimming, Biking or Running with 5 minutes notice - now is your chance.

Swim, Bike, Run with active amigos and amigas - though don't expect a better ratio - who aspire to do a local race once in a while, or tackle all three in an Ironman - all is possible in the IESE SBR CLUB.

We will provide members with race calendars, training sessions, gear, events and the invitation to form part of the FIRST IESE RACE!!!

- Swim. Bike. Run....  Repeat as necessary -

If you are interested in joining the mailing list please email to: sbr@iese.net for more info

Apr 12, 2011

Farewell Party 2011 Partners

Hi everyone! Please join us for an evening of cocktails and toasting to new beginnings as we say farewell to the 2011 Partners and thank the 2011 Presidents of our club!

We will meet this Thursday April 14 at 10 pm at Belice: C/ Santalo, 36!
Hope to see you there!!

Hola a tod@s! Los esperamos para brindar y despedir a  las Partners 2011 y agradecer al equipo del Partners Club 2011!

Nos vemos el Jueves 14 de abril 10 pm @ Belice: C/ Santalo, 36!

Nos vemos!

Apr 7, 2011

Sunny days for IESE kids!

Hey Moms & Dads! Finally we got some sunny days, we bet the little ones are eager to get out there - We have some info that  might be useful if you are searching for playgrounds.

Hola mamás y papás ! Finalmente ya salió el sol, seguro los pequeños quieren salir fuera - Tenemos un poco de info para que sepan donde puedan llevarlos.

Información sobre parques para niños:
Existen muchos en Barcelona, algunos escondidos. Casi todos los parques públicos tiene una sección para niños y muchas veces entre edificios se encuentran plazitas para que los niños jueguen.

Information on playgrounds:
There are countless playgrounds in Barcelona, just some of them are hidden away.  Most public parks will have at least a little play area for kids, and you can find some really nice playgrounds in the courtyards in-between apartment buildings all over the city.

Para el invierno existen centros de juegos cerrados para los niños como/ For the winter there are closed playgrounds for children such as:

1. Happy Parc (diferentes ubicaciones/ different locations)

2. Waki Park (Manuel de Falla, 31, Tel. 93 205 46 76)

3. Chiquitin (diferentes ubicaciones/ different locations)

4. Jocland (C/ Morales, 44, Tel: 934 301 442)

5. Xiqui parc (Calle de la Marina, 228, Tel: 932 314 059)

Página web con parques para niños/ Great link to playgrounds:

Página web con panoramas entretenidos/ Great link to fun activities:

Apr 4, 2011

Graduation 2011

Graduation day is coming, for the 2011 class we wish you all the luck. You´ll be missed.

El día de graduación ya viene, para la clase de 2011 les deseamos toda la suerte y l@s extrañaremos.

The graduation ceremony of the 46th class of the MBA Program will take place on IESE´s Barcelona campus on May 13  at 5:30 pm. Mr. Isak  Andic,  Executive Chairman of  Mango,  member of  IESE's International  Advisory  Board and Chairman of the Family Business Institute will deliver the commencement address.

El próximo 13 de mayo, a las 17:30 horas tendrá lugar el acto de graduación de la 46ª  Promoción del  MBA Program en el campus de Barcelona. La lección magistral correrá a cargo de D. Isak Andic, Presidente Ejecutivo de Mango, miembro del International Advisory Board del IESE y  Presidente del Instituto de Empresa Familiar.

Mar 31, 2011

Where to live in BCN?

Fernanda de Herrera  a 2011 Partner, wanted to share with you some of her personal experiences when choosing a "barrio" to live. We would love to read your own stories!

"Barcelona offers a lot of diversity when it comes to flats, depending on the district you choose. It is probably good that you have an idea of what you are looking for and then look for that in a specific district. What we did was decide on a budget (good flats rented by students here range from 900 to 1600 euro more or less) and on some musts (for us, for example, being close to metro station with lift, having a terrace and having a washing machine were important).

You can then search in different webpages... we reccomend SHBarcelona or Elix, they facilitate the process a lot since you don't need a spanish co-signer when you show your letter of acceptance from IESE. Also, there is lots of flexibility on the lenght of the contract. Ours, for example was in months instead of years, since we were planning on doing the internship outside BCN.

Also, it's a good idea that you pin the different options you like on a map and look for the metro or bus you would take to IESE and how well connected the flat is. This becomes even more important for those who come with wife and kids. You can check the bus, metro and train lines that pass nearby at www.tmb.cat by clicking on "Where am I" under Move around, then typing the address and clicking on "Find the appropriate transport" and then again on "Find which means of transport you have". You will see a map with all the options. If you click on the metro lines and pick the station you would use the most, you can check if it has a lift too (important for families with strollers!).

You can also click on "plan a trip" on the main page and type the flat's address and then IESE's address (avenida pearson, 21, 08034) to see how long it would take to get there and how much you would have to walk (in case you don't get a moto or car... many of us don't have those and it's not a problem).

About the zones...

What I've seen is that it depends on your budget (since you are not splitting the rent with other MBAs), culture and also personal preferences. For example, Gracia is a popular zone for young people and it can get noisy at night. Sant Gervasi and Sarria are very popular among IESE students but some zones are up hill and it can get unconfortable for families with strollers, specially since you walk everywhere! They are usually more expensive.  Also, L'Eixample is really nice! And stroller friendly too. But (since it's so big) you have to make sure you don't go too far away - or close to a good metro station - if you won't be buying a moto, otherwise traffic will make every day's ride a long one. I would recomend La esquerra or La nova esquerra de L'Eixample, which means the left half of L'Eixample (in spanish refered to as Ensanche).
The truth is Barcelona is a great city, and it changes a lot from zone to zone but they have all their special traits that win your love."
Thank you Fer for sharing your experience with us!

Mar 28, 2011

Class 2013 - VISA Questions?

Hi Partners! We have received many questions regarding VISA applications - so here you go, some experiences from partners:

The rules for the VISA very with each country. However, persons from the EU do not need a VISA. It is best to go to the website of the Spanish consulate in the country where you reside at this time. The VISA is only to enter Spain and will last 30 days after entering, after which you need your NIE.  

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is the ID for foreigners in Spain and it is what you will need to open a bank account in Barcelona. The process for obtaining it is not very difficult, but it will take some paperwork and time. If you are a citizen of the EU, you will have to go to a different address then if you are from a different country.
It has been mentioned to some that you need a marriage certificate for the NIE, but it has not been asked of us. You do need a letter explaining how you will finance your stay here (students will have this letter from their application to IESE, but make sure your name is included in the letter as well).  Students will also need to show a letter that they were accepted to IESE.

Address for EU citizens:
C/ Balmes 192 (10 minutes walk from Diagonal metro.) The office is open from 9am to 2pm but it is advised to go at an early time.

Address for Non-EU citizens with a student VISA (as well as spouses and children with this VISA):
C/ Guadalajara 1-3 (corner C/Bosch) Metro station: Diagonal. The office is open from 9am to 2pm but it’s advised to go at an early time.

For a detailed list of Spanish consulates around the world, see www.embassiesabroad.com.

Mar 23, 2011

Class of 2013, Welcome!

Are you a new partner  class 2013? We want to meet you!
Please send us your information so we can star sharing the good stuff.

Send it to-  icfc@iese.net with your Name, Email, and if you have kids.... and any info you think would be helpful.

Thank in advance

Eres  nuev@ partner de la clase 2013? Queremos conocerte!
Envíanos tus datos para empezar a mandarte toda la información

Mandamos un mail a  icfc@iese.net  con tu Nombre, Email y si tienes hijos... y cualquier otra información que quieras compartir.


क्या आप २०१३ की कक्षा के किसी छात्र के पार्टनर हैंहम आपसे मिलना चाहतें हैंहमें जल्द से अपनी जानकारी भेजें ताकि हम आपसे संपर्क करना आरम्भ कर सकें!

हमे भेजें अपना नाम, ईमेल, अगर आपके बच्चे हैं (और ऐसी कोई भी दूसरी जानकारी) इस ई-डी पर: icfc@iese.net   


Sessions from MBA Office

Partners, a quick announcement from the MBA Office.
New sessions coming up!

The MBA program and the IESE Couples & Families Club (ICFC) are pleased to invite you   to the following sessions taking place on March 31st and on April 7th.

To reserve a place, please  write to mbaoffice@iese.edu

If you wish to use the babysitting services, please let us have the name and age of the child, and any medical conditions s/he may have.

Please send this information to MBA Office by  Friday 25th March.

31st March 2011
Time: 17:00-18.15
Place: B-102 South Campus, (kinder garden: B-103)
Title: Coaching and Devlopment - Prof. Yih-teen Lee

We will discuss the concept of leadership and coaching with an exercise in the session. The objective of this session is to help participants understand the importance of a key component of leadership: coaching and talent development. Moreover, the exercise will offer deeper knowledge on how coaching and talent development can be conducted properly in organizations.

7th April2011
Time: 17.15 - 18.30
Place: Q-402 North Campus, (kinder garden: S-409)
Title: Experiencing Repatriation - Prof. Sebastian Reiche
Moving to a different culture is associated with a range of challenges that include settling into a new city , adjusting to a new cultural environment, building new social relationships, and many more. When we leave our home country we tend to be aware of some of the challenges that await us. However, we often place much less attention on the return to our home country after completing a stay abroad. The aim of this session is to discuss the challenges and issues related to the process of repatriating to your home countries. The discussion will be organized around a specific case, which will be distributed to you and which will also give you a taste of the type of case discussions your partners have been experiencing in the MBA program.

Case material will be distributed in class:
Richard Debenham in Vienna : Between Velvet Divorce and the Sydney Olympics (A)

Mar 11, 2011

Where to buy some food?

If you were wondering where to go with your grocery list, we give you the most voted supermarkets from the IESE patners

Si estas pérdida y no sabes a donde ir a comprar tu lista de super, te recomendamos los supermercados mas votados por IESE partners

- Caprabo ($$$)
- Mercadona ($$)
- Consum ($$)
- Veritas (organic supermarket $$$)
- Carrefour ($$$)
- Corte Inglés ($$$$)
- Dia  ($)

Choosing your new home

Hey partners! We know how difficult is to find the perfect place to live for these 2 years in Barcelona.
Don´t panic! We´ve got the best links of rental agencies to help you look for your cozy home.

¡Hola partners! Sabemos lo dificil que encontrar el lugar perfecto para vivir por esots 2 años en Barcelona.
No se agobien! Tenemos los mejores links de agencias de renta para que puedas encontrar tu hogar.

Here you go!

¡Aquí van! 


LUXHABITAT: www.luxhabitat.com

RENTBARCELONA: www.rentbarcelona.com

VISCASILLAS: www.viscasillas.com

IDEALISTA:  www.idealista.com

FOTOCASA: www.fotocasa.es

LOQUO: www.loquo.com