Welcome Partners!

Welcome Partners! This is the official IESE Couples and Family Club site. In this blog you will find all the information you need to make the IESE Partner experience the best! We are waiting for your questions and comments!

Mar 23, 2011

Class of 2013, Welcome!

Are you a new partner  class 2013? We want to meet you!
Please send us your information so we can star sharing the good stuff.

Send it to-  icfc@iese.net with your Name, Email, and if you have kids.... and any info you think would be helpful.

Thank in advance

Eres  nuev@ partner de la clase 2013? Queremos conocerte!
Envíanos tus datos para empezar a mandarte toda la información

Mandamos un mail a  icfc@iese.net  con tu Nombre, Email y si tienes hijos... y cualquier otra información que quieras compartir.


क्या आप २०१३ की कक्षा के किसी छात्र के पार्टनर हैंहम आपसे मिलना चाहतें हैंहमें जल्द से अपनी जानकारी भेजें ताकि हम आपसे संपर्क करना आरम्भ कर सकें!

हमे भेजें अपना नाम, ईमेल, अगर आपके बच्चे हैं (और ऐसी कोई भी दूसरी जानकारी) इस ई-डी पर: icfc@iese.net   


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