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Mar 23, 2011

Sessions from MBA Office

Partners, a quick announcement from the MBA Office.
New sessions coming up!

The MBA program and the IESE Couples & Families Club (ICFC) are pleased to invite you   to the following sessions taking place on March 31st and on April 7th.

To reserve a place, please  write to mbaoffice@iese.edu

If you wish to use the babysitting services, please let us have the name and age of the child, and any medical conditions s/he may have.

Please send this information to MBA Office by  Friday 25th March.

31st March 2011
Time: 17:00-18.15
Place: B-102 South Campus, (kinder garden: B-103)
Title: Coaching and Devlopment - Prof. Yih-teen Lee

We will discuss the concept of leadership and coaching with an exercise in the session. The objective of this session is to help participants understand the importance of a key component of leadership: coaching and talent development. Moreover, the exercise will offer deeper knowledge on how coaching and talent development can be conducted properly in organizations.

7th April2011
Time: 17.15 - 18.30
Place: Q-402 North Campus, (kinder garden: S-409)
Title: Experiencing Repatriation - Prof. Sebastian Reiche
Moving to a different culture is associated with a range of challenges that include settling into a new city , adjusting to a new cultural environment, building new social relationships, and many more. When we leave our home country we tend to be aware of some of the challenges that await us. However, we often place much less attention on the return to our home country after completing a stay abroad. The aim of this session is to discuss the challenges and issues related to the process of repatriating to your home countries. The discussion will be organized around a specific case, which will be distributed to you and which will also give you a taste of the type of case discussions your partners have been experiencing in the MBA program.

Case material will be distributed in class:
Richard Debenham in Vienna : Between Velvet Divorce and the Sydney Olympics (A)

1 comment:

  1. Me gustó mucho la clase del Profesor Sebastian Reiche de REPATRIATION, estás oportunidades son muy buenas para la situación de vida que tengo como "partner".

    Primero por que me da la oportunidad de experimentar la metodología del caso que tiene el IESE.

    Segundo, por que el tema de repatriation no me lo imaginaba como un reto importante en la vida de familia, pareja e individuo. Después de está clase, les comparto varias herramientas que pueden ayudar a cualquiera que está lejos, pero en algún momento regresará a su país:

    1) No olvidar que mantener el contacto con amigos, familiares y colegas de trabajo, es responsabilidad del que se está fuera.
    2) Tener un mentor, alguien cercano que ayude a tener contacto directo con mi país. (Sobretodo para el regreso, encontrar lugar donde vivir, trabajo, escuelas para los hijos, etc.)
    3) Estar pendiente de las noticias importantes que pasan en mi país.
    4) Hacer un plan personal y profesional para mi regreso.

    Estos son algunos tips, ojalá y ayuden a tod@s!!