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Sep 30, 2011

DGDW 2012!!!!

Dear Partners:

As most of you already know, IESE hosts Europe's largest student-run Annual
Conference on Responsible Business - Doing Good and Doing Well. The 9th
Annual Conference is scheduled for February 24 - 25, 2012, and now is your
chance to get involved!

What is DGDW?

We see the conference as a platform for Sharing the most innovative and
relevant ideas on Responsible Business from Corporations, Academia and
Non-Profit Institutions. An opportunity to:

.         learn from and interact with key industry leaders and thinkers

.         network and explore real-world career opportunities

.         participate in thought-provoking debate

.         be part of one of IESE's BIGGEST events!

What can you expect?

The 8th Annual Doing Good and Doing Well Conference, that hosted an
impressive 779 attendees, was a great success! With over 150 panel speakers
bringing diverse experience from both for-profit and non-profit
perspectives, professionals and students alike were challenged to re-think
how to lead business beyond models that only focus on financial returns.

The aim this year is to reach a larger audience, make the conference more
interactive, and introduce new elements such as the Social Venture Capital
Investment Competition and the Sustainability fair.

What's in store for this year?

With the main theme of Achieving Sustainability in Business and Society, the
2012 conference will include:

. Keynote speakers from Academia, Corporations, Civil Society &

.  20 panel discussions under four key pillars of Sustainability -
Innovation, Growth, Collaboration & Impact

.  Parallel exciting events including the Cleantech Venture Seminar,
Social Venture Capital Investment Competition, Career Fair and
Sustainability Fair

. All this and more over 2 exciting, engaging and fun-packed days!

How can you be involved?

1)      Content and Speaker Team - as Panel Leaders and Content Builders

2)      Sponsorship Team

3)      Logistics Team

4)      Conference Volunteer

5)      Marketing & Media

6)      Web & IT

In case you missed the sign-up this evening at North Campus, SIGN UP in this
Google doc:

1CRUQyRFNYdVE&hl=en_US> &hl=en_US

Want to know more?

Come join us at the Info Session!

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Room: G 301

Time: 13 00h - 13 45h (However, we will be available for questions /
enquiries throughout between 12 30h - 14 15h)

We look forward to seeing you there! Feel free to write to us at
dgdw@iese.net with questions / comments / suggestions or anything else!

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