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Sep 21, 2011

IESE Women Football Club


The Women Football Club is proud to announce that football practices are back!! Practices are open to all girls ( does not matter if you are or not going to Madrid's tournament, or if you know or do not have any idea of how to play football). All you need is to be willing to enjoy a funny evening every week with IESE friends and other partners. It is a very good opportunity to get to know the IESE community, and to lose some kilos!!!

If you are interested, please email the IESE WFC for more details!

See you there!

IESE Women Futbol Club
IESE Business School
WFC@iese.net <mailto:WFC@iese.net

Day of the week: Wednesdays
Time: 18.00 h
Location Universitat de Barcelona
Address: Av.Diagonal 695-701
Find the link of the place at:

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